Chickenfoot guitarist Joe Satriani spoke to Guitar World to reveal what he thought about his close friend and former Whitesnake guitarist Steve Vai‘s new guitar named Hydra. According to Satriani, the guitar can be considered proof that Vai reached his insanity.

The longtime Satriani and Vai fans know that the two great musicians have known each other for a very long time, and they shared unforgettable memories. As a very successful guitar instructor who taught how to play guitar to many musicians, including Kirk Hammett, Satriani also tutored Vai, which was the beginning of their musical journey. Then, they took place in several projects, and the most known one can be the G3 tours.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that the reporter wanted Satriani to say something about his former student’s latest project in one of his recent interviews. Earlier this year, Vai collaborated with Ibanez for a custom triple-neck Ibanez Hydra guitar, and it surprised the fans with its 7- and 12-string guitars, 3/4 scale length bass guitar, and 13 harp strings, a 4-string. Vai also used this crazy instrument in the official music video of his song ‘Teeth of the Hydra’ released on his new album, ‘Inviolate.’

During a recent interview, Satriani stated that Hydra is perfectly suitable for Vai’s extraordinary style and talent as a guitarist and emphasized that he’s at his highest of insanity by relating it to his greatness. The guitarist added that Vai took his guitar playing one step further with this new triple-necked monster. Still, he has to find a way to use it without harming his shoulder, especially during the upcoming live performances.

Satriani shared his ideas, saying:

“Oh, it’s so perfectly, Steve. When you think Steve has reached the height of his insanity, which is directly related to his immense talent, he takes it one step further. Now we gotta figure out how he can play it live without hurting his shoulder.”

You can check out Vai’s video below.