The legendary rock guitarist and singer of Eagles, Joe Walsh, has posted a couple of new videos that were recorded back in November 2019 and exposed that his grandson named Roy Orbison III will be the next guest of his podcast in 88.5 FM Southern California.

As you will check out the video he’s shared, Joe Walsh reminded his followers how his four-year-old grandson Roy Orbison III has played ‘Rocky Mountain Way’ with himself. Joe also shared the article that was made by Rolling Stone upon the video.

Let’s remember what Roy’s lovely dad Orbison Jr. told Rolling Stone earlier:

“Roy III plays guitar a lot. The first time we heard him play the whole song is the performance you see in the video. It was amazing!”

Joe’s grandson Roy Orbison III chimed in:

“Joe gave me my first cupcake and my Marshall amp. I love Joe!”

Here is the caption Joe Walsh has written with the post:

“Guess who is joining me tomorrow on my show??
#repost #JoeWalsh #885FMSoCal #publicradio

You can check out the videos that were shared by Joe Walsh right below.