Joe Walsh, the songwriter and guitarist of The Eagles, recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and reminded his followers of an Aid Show that they should not miss since successful musicians such as James Hetfield and Jon Bon Jovi will be performing.

Joe Walsh is one of the rockstars who have led the longest music career, as he started performing with numerous bands during his university years back in 1965. His career reached its peak when he was asked to join The Eagles in 1975 to replace the founding member Bernie Leadon.

Even though he is 73 years old, he passionately continues his music career and enjoys performing for his fans. As you may remember, last month Joe Walsh had announced that he had planned a special party for his birthday. One that all of his fans can join in order to both celebrate Walsh’s birthday and support a good cause.

Walsh invited his fans and followers to join him at his live stream concert where he will be performing with famous musicians such as James Hetfield, Jon Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, Ringo Starr, and many more. All the money raised from the live stream concert will be donated to Vets Aid, a non-profit organization founded by Joe Walsh which aims to support veterans and their wellbeing.

In his recent Instagram post promoting the Vets Aid event, Joe Walsh thanked all the participants and encouraged his followers to tune in on Friday, December 12 ‘for a new kind of rock festival.’ The most important aspect of this rock festival is that while enjoying themselves, participants will also be supporting a good cause.

It seems like this live stream concert might be what rock heads need during the difficult days that everyone is going through, as live performances are not an option right now. Joe Walsh received hundreds of comments from excited fans who cannot wait to enjoy such a rock festival from the leisure of their couch with just a 20$ pass.

Here’s what Joe Walsh said in the caption of his Instagram post:

With friends like these… I’m putting on the live stream of the year! And today I can announce that my good buddy Jimmy Buffett’s onboard! That’s nearly 50 artists streaming into your home for a new kind of rock festival this Saturday, December 12th (with the option to restream through December 14th) with all proceeds going directly to veterans services. Get your $20 pass for VetsAid 2020 now at Veeps Vets Aid event webpage!”

You can check out the photo that Walsh posted on his Instagram account below.