Joe Walsh’s drummer Joe Vitale spoke in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine and talked about Joe Walsh’s decision to join The Eagles while mentioning what he changed in the band.

In the conversation, Vitale mentioned that The Eagles was always a great band even before Walsh joined the band. However, the difference after Walsh joined the band was massive. He stated that Walsh stepped the band up.

Furthermore, Vitale stated that The Eagles became a country-rock band instead of just country and showed how an important move this was. Vitale said that it was a perfect and terrific decision from both The Eagles and Joe Walsh.

Interviewer asked:

“How did you feel when he joined the Eagles?”

Here is what Joe Vitale said:

“By then, I had started with Peter Frampton and Crosby, Stills & Nash. I thought it was a great move by the Eagles – a terrific move.

The Eagles were always a great band. Joe stepped it up. Instead of country, they became country-rock. It was a perfect marriage with Joe and them.

I was playing with a couple of big bands by then, but we never had a thing where one guy goes one way and the other goes another way.”

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