Anthrax frontman Joey Belladonna shared his opinion about the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame during a recent appearance on Misplaced Straws.

In the conversation, Joey touched upon the fact that many bands from different genres have been introduced to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and said that he doesn’t know what Hall Of Fame is anymore. While saying that many bands should have been inducted, he also pointed out that there are even R&B bands in the Rock Hall, like ‘Four Tops.’

Moreover, Joey mentioned that he doesn’t understand how they think someone is worthy of the spot and how they pick the bands. As the frontman said, even a legendary band such as Rush was just recently inducted to Rock Hall.

After seeing Rush getting their spot a bit too late, Joey stated that he doesn’t want to compare themselves with others about whether they are worthy of being inducted. Later on, the musician talked about their work with Anthrax and said that if they get into Rock Hall, there will be many great materials and stories about the band and their music.

Joey Belladonna on Rock Hall:

“I’ve never had a discussion with anybody about it. I don’t think anybody’s even been… Maybe on their own time, they might have talked to someone or they had a discussion. I’ve never had any.

Once in a while, I might have said to somebody, ‘You wonder if, by the time your time is up, are you gonna get in?’ And at the same time, what is the Hall Of Fame now? Sometimes I don’t know…

Like when they pick stuff, sometimes you’ve got the Four Tops in there or an R&B band; there’s all kinds of different genres. It’s, like, ‘Who’s next?’ And there’s a lot of bands that we both can name that should be in there but are not.”

He continued:

“Who is worthy of it? That kind of stuff.  I hate even thinking about that stuff. I mean, hell, Rush just got in there not too long ago. I wouldn’t even wanna put myself in that position to even compare anything.

I don’t know how they pick. I’d love to sit around and listen to a roundtable how they figure out who should be and what time is their time or whatever. We’ve done some cool stuff. If we were to get in, by any chance, I think there’s a nice story there. There’s some cool stuff there.”

You can check out the full conversation below.