Anthrax’s vocalist Joey Belladonna was fired from the band in 1992. Speaking in an interview made by Capital Chaos TV, Joey recalled the past and told the story behind firing from the band. He said:

I don’t think I’m happy about any of it, no, because you do everything to be in the band and somehow there’s some differences that people have that they wanna throw at you that you can’t do anything about because they just feel better about doing what they wanna do and that’s it – and you’re like, ‘Wow’.

“I didn’t even get a chance, you know, so now that’s it. I wouldn’t be back in this band if I was really that kind of resentful. People probably think I’m crazy even come back.

He also talked on what was do when he fired from the band.

“You know, it was like being in a band like I was when I first started Anthrax, you know…you just pick up the pieces, you put the bands together, you put the time together to do what you need to do and you venture out and do your best to try to see if you can make something happen.

Um, it was a little different after coming out of Anthrax, going back into a different situation…You know, it wasn’t very easy, it’s never easy…it’s not even easy now…you know, at times there are always moments that are just beyond control or just kinda have to do it. I had fun doing it, I never wanted to leave…I was just, I think, they just wanted to move on to some other style or some crap. Nobody will ever know.”

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