In a recent interview with Beer Rum & Rock N Roll podcast, Joey Belladonna‘s shared his thoughts about the false narrative about his departure from Anthrax.

The musician was Anthrax’s vocalist from 1984 to 1992. He was the frontman that carried the band to success during his tenure with the band. After Belladonna was let go and replaced by John Bush, many of the band’s audience left with him.

However, Belladonna was once again replaced by Dan Nelson in 2006. The singer has been an active member of Anthrax since 2010. He has been a part of over ten albums, reportedly selling eight million copies worldwide.

Joey Belladonna stated that he didn’t quit Anthrax back in 1992. He explained that although people didn’t want to listen to him tell the truth, he was sideswiped out of the band during that time. Belladonna said that he wouldn’t have the heart to quit Anthrax, so he didn’t want people thinking he did while the rest of the band toured for 13 years while he waited to return.

Joey Belladonna’s thoughts about his departure from Anthrax:

I didn’t quit. Like I wanted to sit around for 13 years while these guys kept [going]. People don’t want to hear it, but that’s the truth. Why would I quit?

Forget about that record without me. I could have been on that record regardless of what the rest of the band came up with. Let’s pretend the guys didn’t even write that record yet. That record would have been incredible, regardless of what you’re already familiar with. I’m not saying whatever was on there wasn’t right. I was in that car that rode into that record. I got sideswiped out of there.

So, yeah, I didn’t quit. I didn’t quit anything. I don’t want anybody thinking that, ’cause I wouldn’t even have the heart to do that.”

You can watch the clip below.