Manowar bassist Joey DeMaio had a recent interview with Z Rock Radio from Bulgaria and revealed his real thoughts on most fans assuming that Manowar would not play again.

DeMaio stated that they are not retiring anytime soon.

Here’s his statement:

“No offense, but some journalists, if they don’t get the story they want, they create the story they want. Some journalists feel like they have to come up with something that’s so ‘wow,’ the magazines will sell and people will really tune.

And I understand that, because journalists make their money by what they write and photographers make their money by having a ‘wow’ picture. But I’m very protective over our fans, and when people write shit that ends up affecting and causing problems for our fans, I get mad.

I’ve been writing a rock opera, rock musical — whatever you wanna call it — for a few years, and I said, in an announcement, we are going to be taking a break, and I said, ‘We’re gonna say goodbye for a while. “And that was somehow mixed and reinterpreted all over the world as ‘They’re breaking up. They’re retiring. MANOWAR’s finished. It’s over.

But the answer is: here we are. Yes, we are gonna take a break. ‘Cause I have to finish this because it’s a special project very close to my heart and to the hearts of a lot of people. But, no, we are not retiring. I’m too young to retire. I’m like Peter Pan — I’m a boy in a man’s body. I’m, like, 15 years old in my mind.”

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