Former Slipknot drummer and current member of Sinsaenum, Joey Jordison, was the recent interview guest of Dan Slessor of ‘Kerrang!’ and talked about his favorite bands who influenced the talented drummer while he was younger.

As you may follow Nathan Jonas Jordison’s career that he worked with many well-known bands like Slipnot, Murderdolls, and Scar The Martyr. Right after he joined, assigned ‘#1’ member of the band, and produced ‘9.0: Live’ with Slipknot, the band announced that Jordison left the band for his ‘personal issues.

While Both Slipknot and Jordison kept their silence about the exact reason for departure for a long time, back in 2016, Jordison admitted that he suffered from ‘transverse myelitis’ these days and he lost his ability to play drums until the day he decided to leave Slipknot. In his latest interview with Kerrang, he commented on famous singles of his earlier influences and shared what he really thought about them.

Here is what Joey said about Korn’s ‘Divine’:

I was playing in a thrash band while I was still in high school, and my influences were mainly the Big Four. But I remember being in a record store one day and a friend of mine saying, ​’You’ve got to hear these guys, they’re super down-tuned and kinda rap-based,’ and that band was Korn.

‘Divine’ is the one that most stands out to me, because it’s so hard. Hearing that changed my life. I’ve been really lucky to since get to know Korn and play with them.”

And here are his thoughts on Slayer’s ‘Hell Awaits’:

“Usually, if I’m feeling a bit down I’ll go to my drum kit, put on the most extreme stuff possible and blast right through it. I don’t get sullen or depressed, because letting myself feel that way would mean getting distracted from what I do as a metal musician.

“If I want to get my angst out, I’ll grind that shit out on the drums. Anything by Slayer is always good for that, but really I’m always going to go through the whole ‘Hell Awaits’ album. When you play that first intro you’re basically saying, ​’Fuck you!'”

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