After Aerosmith announced their Las Vegas Residency a couple of days ago, the band revealed that their drummer Joey Kramer will be taking a break from performing with the band. The media reported the break as quitting the band ‘temporarily.’

Aerosmith was one of the bands that got their initial performance plans canceled due to the pandemic back in 2019. They were supposed to go on a tour in Europe, but they had to cancel due to the restrictions, and like many musicians, they were excitedly waiting to be on stage as soon as possible.

On March 23, the band announced their Las Vegas residency dates. The fans waiting for Europe dates were slightly disappointed, but the extensive dates in Las Vegas will keep the band busy for five months. The dates are scheduled from June 17 to December 11, 2022, and they will perform a couple of times each month.

However, the band also briefly announced that their drummer Joey Kramer would temporarily leave the band to spend time with his family in these difficult times. As reported by Loudwire, the drummer or the band didn’t disclose any other information except the fact that they’re looking forward to performing again in the future.

Here is what the band announced:

“[Joey Kramer] regrettably decided to sit out the band’s concerts in 2022 so he can focus his full attention on his family during these uncertain times.

He and the band look forward to his future performances with Aerosmith.”

Kramer formed Aerosmith in 1970 along with Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, and Brad Whitford and has been with the band ever since. He made contributions to the band with his music and built up his career mainly with Aerosmith. They seem like a family that sticks together through thick and thin, so his sudden decision to break from the band, especially before their residency, worried some fans.