During a recent appearance on Premier Guitar, Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 revealed the ultimate album he would bring on a desert island. The musician said he wouldn’t pick something he listens to daily like Van Halen or KISS. Instead, he would pick something diverse and extensive like ‘Amadeus Mozart the Soundtrack.’

It’s almost a tradition to ask a rock star their favorite album or the album they would choose to bring to a desert island to listen to for the rest of their lives. In most cases, many musicians pick a timeless record created by a popular band as their go-to album.

John 5 previously opened up about his admiration for KISS and his unique collection, including their broken guitars. Furthermore, the guitarist owns Peter Criss’ drum kit that says ‘KISS’ and was used in their monumental ‘Alive!’ album.

As for Van Halen, John 5 always expressed his appreciation for the late guitarist Eddie Van Halen by praising him during multiple interviews. In fact, he once said the guitarist was touched by God and was the Mozart of our time.

Since he’s a fan of both KISS and Van Halen, John 5 recently mentioned these two bands during a recent interview when asked about the album he would want to have on a desert island. The rocker started by saying that it should be a double album since it must be as long as possible.

In addition to this, the guitarist stated that he wouldn’t want to have an album he listens to all the time, such as ‘Van Halen I‘ or KISS’ ‘Alive!.‘ He would instead prefer to have something that’s relaxing, such as ‘Amadeus Mozart the Soundtrack.’

According to him, the album has a lot of music to listen to, which could be useful on a desert island as he would have plenty of time. If you ask John 5, nobody can get tired of listening to that record.

When asked about the album he would pick for a desert island, John 5 said:

“What’s my desert island album? If you really think about it, you want something that’s a double album. You want something with a lot of music to it. Also, a lot of people pick things that they listen to their whole life. I wouldn’t want to do that because I heard it my whole life.

If I was stuck on a desert island, I would want something relaxing. Anybody would say maybe ‘Van Halen I,’ or KISS’ ‘Alive!,’ or maybe something like that, but I’m going to say ‘Amadeus Mozart the Soundtrack.’

I know it’s an odd answer but it’s my honest answer. I would want something that there was a lot of music, and there was a variety of music, and also something that was so genius, and so touched by God.

That is something beyond that anybody could really do. You have so much time in the world but really pick it apart and really appreciate it and probably never get tired of listening to it.”

You can watch the interview below.