Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 recently opened up about his favorite guitar solo of Randy Rhoads in an interview with Guitar World.

Many regard Randy Rhoads as one of the greatest guitarists who profoundly influenced generations of heavy metal. His career took off when he started playing for ‘Quiet Riot.’ He later joined another great, Ozzy Osbourne, who truly put him on the map of becoming a legend. Although he died tragically in a plane crash, his work carried his name over the years.

Many musicians mentioned Rhoads as one of their most significant influences, including John 5. His first breakthrough was when then-Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth took him in to play lead guitar for the band. He started making solo tracks, but before focusing on his solo career, later on, he was a part of ‘Marilyn Manson,’ ‘Loser,’ and ‘Rob Zombie.’

When asked for his opinion on a poll regarding the late guitarist, John 5 stated that Rhoads’ guitar solo on the live album was by far his best performance. He also said that he believed Rhoads had to plan every detail since the track had everything, including rhythm and invention.

Here is what John 5 stated:

“The guitar solo from the live album because it just shows everything. I just listened to it the other day. It’s amazing. He must have planned out that solo. Of course, it’s got tons of flash, but it’s so rhythmic too.

In fact, all his solos had so much attack and rhythm. There are parts of that solo that could be instrumental songs because those passages are so cool, rhythmically perfect, and inventive.”

Now, John 5 and the Creatures are on the road and have even extended their ‘Sinner Tour 2022’ for those who missed the tour to have a chance to see them perform and reschedule certain days postponed due to Covid.