Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 unveiled the never-seen-before photo from the backstage of Metallica’s Justice Tour via his official Instagram account and shared the queer nickname that band members gave to him.

In the caption of the post, John 5 stated that he had been hanging around the backstage of Justice Tour in the past, and the members nicknamed him as ‘Little Ozzy,’ giving the odd jobs to do in the tour.

While learning these unknown details of the relationship between John 5 and Metallica, we saw a really fun fact about this post. It seems like John 5 forget that James Hetfield disabled his official Instagram account, and he tagged a fake account of James as of thinking that this one is the real account of Papa Het.

As of writing this, John 5’s post reached almost 10K likes less than ten hours, and most of the fans shared their reactions about this unknown fact in the comment section.

Here is what John 5 captioned:

“I used to hang around the Metallica guys on the In Justice for all tour they called me little Ozzy gave me odd jobs to do, captains of crunch.”

Former Guns N’ Roses member Matt Sorum wrote:

“Oh my god John, I remember you around those days, we toured with The Cult for at least 6 months so crazy I never knew that was you.”

A fan named Kitty added this comment:

“That’s a killer! And would be fun as hell 😉”

Another fan named Tracey said:

“Thanks for the glimpse… Memories are great to have.”

You can check out the post below.