Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 shared his feelings about the passing of Eddie Van Halen during a recent appearance on Talking Shred.

Eddie Van Halen is one of the best guitarists in the world. However, he had been battling several health issues for decades, such as lung, throat, and tongue cancer. Unfortunately, he passed away in October 2020 at the age of 65 due to a stroke.

One year after his death, John 5 expressed his feelings about the legendary late guitarist and said that Eddie’s death devastated him because he was John’s favorite guitarist. Furthermore, John praised Eddie, saying that he was a special guitarist, inventor, and songwriter and was touched by God.

According to John 5, Eddie Van Halen was a unique person like Michael Jordan and Picasso. He used these examples to reflect that Eddie will remain an unmatched guitarist within the music industry since no one can ever be like him.

While saying that he is very lucky as he got to know such a kind soul, John 5 also touched upon the fact that they should be thankful for everything he left behind, such as his music, equipment, and more.

John 5 on Eddie Van Halen:

“Eddie was so special, it’s really rare to have someone so special. The best guitar player, such an amazing inventor, such an amazing songwriter, and he had everything…

He was something special, he was touched by God. We don’t have many Edward Van Halens, not just in music, but in any kind of thing – in sports or…

He’s like Michael Jordan; or in art, he’s like Picasso. And we don’t have many of these. And I’m just happy we got what we got. I just wish… There were all the great minds in the world…”

He continued:

“Like, ‘Listen, Eddie Van Halen is sick, can’t we do anything to save him?’ He’s everything and it just breaks my heart. But I am so thankful for what we did get – the music, and the guitars, and the amps, everything.

He was a real genius and I was happy and lucky enough to know him. He was just a kind soul and it was so devastating, it really messed me up just like everyone else.

It’s hard to listen to him but you listen to him and go, ‘Man, he was just something very, very special.’ He was the Mozart of our time. It’s just awful, it’s just a terrible, terrible thing.”

You can check out the full interview below.