John 5, the former guitarist of Marilyn Manson and the current one of Rob Zombie, has remembered the days when he took the road alongside the members of Metallica and the terrible accident caused by him before a show of the band.

During the recent interview he gave on Talkin’ Rock With Meltdown, the iconic guitarist John 5 has spoken about the good old days when he ended up touring with Metallica as somewhat of a roadie.

John 5, who joined the heavy metal band during their ‘Damaged Justice‘ tour, has told that he would hang out with all the band members on the tour bus and they called him little Ozzy.

He said they had a good time with each other, and even he once drove them, as well as Steven Adler and Slash, when it was pouring rain one night, and they didn’t want to ride on the bus.

However, John also admitted that he was really ashamed when he accidentally destroyed ‘…And Justice for All’ statue. He said, one night, his foot caught like a rope and the statue tipped over.

After the unfortunate incident, he said the drummer of the band, Lars Ulrich, brought him to the hotel and took away his laminate, saying that these kids worked so long for the concert tickets and John ruined the show.

‘Damaged Justice’ was the fourth concert tour by Metallica. It began on September 11, 1988, and ended on October 8, 1989. The name is believed to be inspired either by the cover of its fourth studio album ‘…And Justice for All,’ or by the song ‘Damage, Inc.’ from the band’s previous album, ‘Master of Puppets.’

Here’s what John 5 said about the time he ruined the Metallica show:

“I remember – we had a great time, and they would jump on my back and they would have chicken fights during the encore – I’d bring them out on stage… It was a lot of fun.

And then one night, I was watching, and my foot caught like a rope and the ‘…And Justice for All’ statue tipped over. I didn’t even know because I was just walking like *whistling*

And my foot caught that rope and – boom – they were all watching this huge ‘…And Justice’ statue falling, and Lars brought me to the hotel and he goes, ‘These kids worked so long for these concert tickets and you ruined the show!

And he took away my laminate – because we were friends, I mean, we’re still friends of course, but it was devastating to me.”

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