Rob Zombie’s lead guitarist John 5 spoke in a recent interview with a Youtube Channel called ‘Talking Shred’ and revealed what he really thinks about guitarists of KISS.

He also mentioned possible roster change of the band by responding to a question that how would it be if he joins KISS.

Here is what John 5 told to Talking Shred:

“I would definitely want to be a new character. I would like to be… I don’t know, like, The Phantom or something. But yeah, something like that, that would be great. I love Vinnie Vincent and I love Eric Carr, and they did their makeup and all that stuff.

But listen, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, they do phenomenal jobs. I always say, if there was a Frankenstein, like, how many Frankensteins have there been? There’s been a zillion. How many Draculas? A zillion.”

He continued to explain how close they were to the KISS members:

“So, I just love KISS, I want them to keep going, and of course I love Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. They’re my close friends, but I just support everybody. But, I would probably want to be, like, The Phantom or something.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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