Rob Zombie’s guitar player John 5 spoke in an interview with Consequence of Sound, and revealed the importance of social media for musicians. He said:

“I love YouTube and Instagram. It’s so important. There are a lot of people who love to use Instagram for whatever, but I use it as a tool.

I’m make it my own TV station and play guitar solos and advertise shows, do I kind of do it as “Channel 5” and advertise tours and play guitar in my pajamas. And that’s really what I do at home.

I play guitar in my pajamas all the time, and anyone who knows me knows that’s true. I’ll be on the road with Zombie and have these crazy pajamas on. It’s just what I like, and I’m comfortable in them, like we all are.”

He also talked about the upcoming album of Rob Zombie, and said:

“I was always a big White Zombie fan, and I know all of his music. Even before I got into the band, I knew all of his music. There’s something special with this record. He had the melodies and lyrics done before I got into studio, and I would add all of this music to it, and it worked so well.

He had such strong melodies and lyrics, and he just said, “Add music to this,” and we did. It just came together, and we’ve made a record like that before, and it’s incredible. We’re super excited about it.”

On recording sessions of Rob Zombie album, he said:

“We would usually get into the studio and say, “What do you have? What do you have?” Like most bands do, we would kick around ideas. But this time, it was unorthodox. He said, “I’ve got these melodies and lyrics. Let’s work around that.” It was the greatest way to make a record, for me. We came out with such strong material. We wrote around him.

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