Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 opened up about losing Van Halen legend Eddie Van Halen during a recent appearance on the ‘Talking Shred’ podcast. Just like every other guitarist, John 5 expressed his admiration for the ‘Eruption’ originator, saying that there should be a tribute concert for him with everybody, including former lead singers David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar.

As many of you know, Eddie Van Halen is considered a hero by numerous guitar players and music critics. From popularizing the tapping technique to creating one of the greatest guitar solos with ‘Eruption,’ Van Halen had one of the most extraordinary music careers of all time that lasted for nearly five decades.

The musician started receiving treatment for tongue cancer in 2000, but he was declared cancer-free two years later after a third of his tongue was removed. Unfortunately, it was revealed that the Van Halen icon had also been battling throat and lung cancer, primarily due to smoking for years.

The guitarist was later hospitalized in 2019 because of his illness and died of a stroke at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California, on October 6, 2020. His passing was devastating for the music world, his fans, friends, and family and they all paid homage to the brilliant musician.

Being a huge fan of Eddie Van Halen, much like every other guitar player, John 5 recently opened up about what the Van Halen icon meant to him during an interview. John praised the late musician by saying that he was an extraordinary person touched by God, which is rare, not just in music but in every field of life.

Praising Eddie Van Halen, John 5 said:

“Me, just like millions of others, he was my favorite. It’s strange. I’m so upset too, because it’s, like, ‘God, couldn’t we do anything to save him? Eddie was so special. It’s really rare to have someone so special. Now, everybody listening to this and watching this can totally agree with me. I mean, the best guitar player, such an amazing inventor, such an amazing songwriter. And he had everything. And he was something special; he was touched by God.

He was a real genius, and I was happy to, and lucky enough, to know him. And he was just a kind soul. It was so devastating. It really messed me up, just like everyone else. It’s hard to listen to him, but you listen to him and go, ‘Man, he was just something very, very special.’ He was the Mozart of our time. It’s just awful. It’s just a terrible, terrible thing.”

Since Eddie was a genius guitar player and losing him was devastating, the Rob Zombie guitarist said they must organize a special tribute concert. Furthermore, everybody who contributed to Van Halen’s legacy should show up regardless of their personal feuds, including Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth.

Regarding the tribute show, John stated:

“If there is a show, which there needs to be, there has to be, if I’m not on stage, I’ll be front row. I think it’s something that definitely needs to happen with everybody. I think everybody should be there. I think Dave should be there, Sammy should be there, Mikey should be there, Wolfie, of course, Alex; everybody that was a part of this Van Halen history and all the fans all over the world, and just give praise and appreciation and love to the master, Edward. It just needs to happen. I think it would be a wonderful thing.”

You can watch the entire interview below.