Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson guitarist John 5 spoke in an interview with Meltdown, and he described himself as “Bill Murray of Rock N’ Roll”.

Interviewer said ‘You’re like the Bill Murray of rock ‘n’ roll’, and John 5 responded:

I am. It really is so beneficial, it works for me so well. I write everything down and check everything off. It’s a wonderful system to have and I’m so lucky to be doing what I’m doing, but it’s all communication with Rob.

“I’ll talk to Rob, ‘When we’re doing this? When we’re doing that?’ and that’s all it is – it’s just communication, and it’s worked out wonderful.”

Interviewer said:

“The Rob Zombie band, you guys have been a band for quite a while, over a decade, when did this start to feel like a real band for you?”

John 5 replied:

“I’ve been in the band I think for, like, 15 years, I don’t know. It started to feel like a band from day one because we are treated so nicely. We are treated very nicely, and he’s always been super cool, but the thing with how it really worked is that everybody knew their place.

It wasn’t like, ‘I need this,’ or, ‘I need that’ or blah blah – everybody knew their place and everybody got to shine, and it’s a wonderful working relationship. I’ve been offered to join other bands, and I love where I am, and this is where my hat is hung.

It’s a wonderful thing, the grass is not greener, it’s a wonderful place to be.”

You can listen to the entire interview from here. Click here for source of the statement. (Ultimate-Guitar)