In an interview, John 5 recently talked about working with Mötley Crüe for their 2019 biopic ‘The Dirt’ and stated it was a real excitement to work with the band.

Mötley Crüe, the most notorious band in rock and roll, released their biopic ‘The Dirt,’ adapted from their biography with the same name. The film starred Machine Gun Kelly, Douglas Booth, Daniel Webber, and Iwan Rheon. During the making of the film, the band worked together to create the soundtrack.

The soundtrack was released by Mötley Records and Eleven Seven Records in 2019. It is composed of their older and loved songs, but they also created ‘The Dirt’ specifically for the film. The song’s contributors were the band members plus Machine Gun Kelly, Sahaj Ticotin, and Marilyn Manson’s former guitarist John 5.

John 5 recently talked about working on the soundtrack with Mötley Crüe and stated that hearing them play their sounds separately and working with them made him proud. This song excited him about working with someone on music, and he described it as ‘incredible.’ He also seemed extra enthusiastic about working with Nikki Sixx separately on the songwriting. The project was unique because he loves the band, and now he is a part of its history.

Here is what John 5 said about working with Crüe:

“I’m so proud of being part of that. Nikki and I wrote on that. I f*cking love Mötley Crüe, and it was so cool for it to come to fruition. And to hear Vince, Tommy, Mick, and, of course, Nikki doing that. I think that song really gave me a real excitement about collaborating with someone. And seeing the video and the history of it, it was really pretty incredible.”

You can watch his interview and listen to the song below.