Marilyn Manson’s former guitarist and the current member of Rob Zombie, John 5 posted a photo of himself posing with his new custom-made T-shirt, however, the fans were focused on another Nikki Sixx related detail in the picture.

As you may recall, John 5 and the Creatures‘ released their latest album named ‘Invasion’ on July 31, 2019. Following the release of the album, John 5 had several live performances during his tour on various locations all over the U.S. The documentary named ‘Live Invasion‘ which depicted his live shows as a part of the ‘Invasion’ tour was also released on September 4, 2020.

Recently on Instagram, John 5 shared a picture of himself wearing a custom-made T-shirt. On the caption of his post, John 5 thanked his fans for all the great messages they send regarding his documentary, ‘Live Invasion.’

Here’s what John 5 stated on the caption of his post:

“Got my shirt in the mail today !!! Thank you for all the kind words about live invasion I really appreciate it, Concerts are coming back.”

However, the fans noticed another detail in the photo John 5 posted. Seeing the bass guitar framed and hanged on the wall which John 5 was standing in front of, a fan named Tyler realized it was Warlock and asked whether it belong to Mötley Crüe icon Nikki Sixx or not.

Even though John 5 didn’t respond to the question himself, his fans had a conversation about the real owner of the bass guitar in the comment section of his post.

A fan named Daryl Bowden stated the bass guitar on the wall certainly belong to Nikki Sixx and claimed that he broke it on stage and gifted to John 5 by saying:

“That is most certainly a bass. Pretty clearly a 4 string bass in fact. And it’s almost certainly one of Nikki’s from the old days that he broke on stage and gifted to J5.”

Another fan named Julian Amado drew attention to the name written on the bottom of the frame and wrote:

“Yeahh it says Motley Crue on the bottom of the frame.”

You can see the photo John 5 posted on his official Instagram account below.