YesterdazeNews conducted an interview with Rob Zombie’s guitarist John 5. He talked on upcoming album of Rob Zombie. He said (transcriped by Blabbermouth):

We are still in the process of creating it. It’s going really well. I’m so excited because I’m a Zombie fan. If I wasn’t in the band, I’m a Zombie fan and I’m a White Zombie fan. It’s really exciting. It’s really exciting. I mean, it puts a smile on my face. I can’t wait for it to be done and for us to start playing it live.

In addition, he mentioned about his solo album “Season of the Witch”:

It’s very positive, which makes me inspired to make other records and do tours, because I am doing this for the love of the guitar and all that stuff. I just love to go out and play. This is a strange thing, but I love to be this far away [points to interviewer sitting next to him] from the fans. That’s how it is.

I just, I don’t know, something about that really is exciting and there’s a lot of energy out there in the crowd. It’s not like they [the crowd] have to be jumping around or anything because the music is so technical and stuff, people are just watching and stuff, but there is a really great energy out there.

I love performing and then, after this, in a week, I’m going to be doing Knotfest with twenty-five thousand people [with Rob Zombie]. It’s really fun. I couldn’t be in a better position. Zombie is so cool to say, ‘Yeah, go play some shows.’ It’s just guitar. People are, like, ‘Why don’t you get a singer up there?’ I’m, like, ‘I have a singer, it’s Rob Zombie. My favorite singer ever.’ It really works out well.”

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