Rob Zombie’s talented guitarist John 5 has posted a TBT photo on his verified Instagram page and recalled the day he proposed a date to his current wife Rita Lowery and did not forget to tag her.

As you will see the recently shared photo of John 5, he exactly looks like his long-time buddy and one of the most anticipated stars of the current era, Marilyn Manson with his marginal blue hairs.

Here goes the caption of the photo:

“Hello Rita my name is John 5, would you like to go on a date? @rlowery”

Rita Lowery came to the comment section:

“I’ll take you anyway, you come always.”

Tomy Lee’s Wife and TikTok phenomenon Brittany Furlan Lee made a funny joke:

“Wait this looks like ur name is Rita.”

Slayer legend Gary Holt also made fun of his old-time friend:

“Looking sexy!!🤘🏻😆”

You can see the photo below.