Jason Bohnam, who’s father is the legendary drummer of Led Zeppelin, John Bonham, shared a picture of his father on his official Instagram page on John’s death anniversary. Fans didn’t quite get the caption they needed.

John Bonham is regarded as one of the greatest and most influential rock drummers in history. He is best known for his speed, fast bass drumming, distinctive sound, and being the drummer of the legendary band, Led Zeppelin. Bonham played with Led Zeppelin until his death at the young age of 32, in September 1980.

John Bonham’s son, Jason Bonham is also a successful drummer who occasionally worked with Led Zeppelin. But recently an Instagram post took fans’ attention rather than his music. On John Bonham’s death anniversary, Jason posted a drawing of his father. While fans were expecting a message or a few words out of emotion from Jason for his loss, he didn’t make any explanation whatsoever.

Even though nobody was able to see how Jason was feeling, and could not get any death anniversary message, many fans paid tribute to John Bonham and his great music in the comment section on the day he passed away 40 years ago.

You can see the Instagram post below.

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