John Corabi recently announced that he had to reschedule his show that was planned to take place on November 20 in Canada. The rockstar blamed Delta Airlines for creating an inconvenience.

The rockstar is currently traveling across America, Mexico, and Canada with his solo band following the pandemic halt and the easing of the restrictions. Like many other musicians, he was glad to be back on the road, but the new COVID-19 regulations recently caused him some trouble.

Corabi was supposed to take the plane to Canada by Delta Airlines for his show on November 20. Even though he got the two vaccine shots, the airline requested a negative PCR test to travel. Corabi went to the airport with his negative test result, yet, the flight was delayed for over three hours.

Unfortunately, once the flight time arrived, his PCR test was not accepted as it had been 73 hours instead of 72 since he got the test. Corabi made this announcement and cursed at Delta Airlines, apologizing to his fans who had purchased the tickets. He stated that he will hopefully make it up for them soon.

Here is what Corabi stated in the caption:

“As I’m sure you’re all aware by now, I’m forced to postpone my show Langdon Firehouse Bar & Grill due to Delta Air Lines COVID policies and ignorance of my situation. I took a molecular COVID test (negative) in preparation for my show. Unfortunately, my original flight was delayed for 3+ hours, so Delta offered me an alternative flight, which I took. Upon arrival at the airport, I was instructed to fill out some paperwork for Canada (Arrivecan), at which point I got back in line to check-in.

I was then told that my COVID test was only good for 72 hours from the time I took it (12:45 Tuesday the 16th) by my calculations, I missed the ‘window’ by 1 hour… Delta refused to check me in and promptly sent me home to take another test! We are diligently working to reschedule the show, and I truly apologize to all involved! I hope to make it up to you soon! In the meantime… Delta, kiss my f*cking ass!

His former bandmate Tommy Lee commented under the post and stated that he usually calls the airlines ‘Hellta’ and made fun of their slogan. Corabi replied to the comment revealing that the airlines had also kicked out Lee and Mick Mars once.

Here is Lee’s comment:

“Hahaha! I call it Hellta! Their slogan is ‘We promise to get you close.'”

And Corabi’s answer:

“Tommy Lee, they also threw Mick and yours truly off a plane if you recall.”

The comments sections were filled with people complaining about Delta Airlines, and the most backlash the airline has received was because they asked for a PCR test even though Corabi had been fully vaccinated.

You can also see the post he shared below.

Photo Credit: John Corabi – Instagram
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