John Dolmayan, the drummer of System of a Down, has mocked the inability of the band to record new music through a hilarious video as he said that they just started adding vocal tracks to the new album and it was worth the wait.

It has been 15 years since System of a Down released their last album ‘Hypnotize.’ From then on, the band has continued to perform live, yet hasn’t worked on recording new sounds. The bassist of the band, Odadjian expressed his disappointment at their lack of effort to create new music.

He explained that there has been new material written by the other members in the form of a possible new album but without Tankian‘s presence no recordings had been made. Tankian, however, was inclined to release a collection of previously unreleased System of a Down songs from the band’s past album sessions.

With the differences concerning the band members, Dolmayan became uncertain in wanting to make new music anymore. He released his solo album ‘These Grey Men‘ on February 28 this year. John Dolmayan admitted that the lack of output from the band is what led him to record his solo album.

Has been arguing over the current status of System of a Down in his recent interviews and statements, Dolmayan posted a highly compatible video to express his frustration lately. Sharing the video, in which a really old man plays guitar and drops his dental plate at the end of his performance, John likens the band’s state with him as he said it will worth the wait when the album eventually comes out.

Here is what John Dolmayan said in his latest Instagram post:

“We just started adding vocal tracks to the new System album, trust me it was worth the wait!

You can see the post below.