System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan posted a photo of a recently deceased young fan named Andreas on Instagram and bid him farewell with emphasizing the uniting power of music.

The talented drummer John Dolmayan has been using social media platforms often to express his opinions on political issues. Although his support for President Donald Trump received the harsh reactions from some of the fans, Dolmayan gains the appreciation of System Of A Down fans due to his sensitivity in various social matters.

Recently on Instagram, John Dolmayan posted a photo of a System Of A Down fan named Andreas who sadly passed away at a young age. On the caption of his post, Joh paid tribute to the young fan and touched upon an important issue we all suffer today’s world.

Dolmayan mentioned that in these societies which tend to discriminate people due to their race, religion, and sexual orientation, music acts as a bridge that connects them regardless of any differences. John also urged his fans not to give up easily when they encounter challenges and try to find a way to get better every day.

Here’s what John Dolmayan stated in his tribute to the late fan, Andreas:

“This is Andreas, he was a massive SOAD fan who has passed away before his time. Music is a bridge between cultures, races, sexual orientations, religious beliefs, ideologies, and any other dividing tool that makes us forget we are all ultimately one people floating on a rock around a star.

Remember if you are down brighter days lie ahead, don’t give up hope. Find a reason each day to strive for a better world and help those who are worse off than you. Be kind, though you disagree and your passion drives you to anger. Everything is about perspective in the end.

You can see the photo John Dolmayan posted on his Instagram account below.