Armenian-American heavy metal band System Of A Down’s drummer John Dolmayan has posted a never-before-watched video of the band today. He exposed a truth that any SOAD fan would never know before.

While he’s sharing the full version of their iconic song Chop Suey, John unearthed a truth that System Of A Down had the third vocalist once but he had to leave the band somehow.

After John released the unedited version of the video clip and we may easily see that there is an unknown vocalist on that version of the song. Later on, the band’s roster stayed the same: The founding members Serj Tankian, Daron Malakian, and Shavo Odadjian as well as John Dolmayan.

As almost 30K people liked the video of the song, many of the fans wanted to know the name of the third member of SOAD. However, John Dolmayan did not respond to any of these questions.

Here is what’s written on the caption:

“There was originally a third vocalist in SOAD but it didn’t work out so they left.

Here is (for the first time) the full version of chop suey complete and unedited.”

You can watch both unedited and the original versions of the Chop Suey right below.