The Official Instagram page of the founder, co-lead vocalist, and rhythm guitarist of The Beatles, John Lennon, shares a picture of him in order to call fans for a celebration of his upcoming birthday on October 9.

John Lennon is widely known for his activism for world peace in order to minimize violence and support democracy. He was a great example of being aware and being vocal about it which inspired many back then and even now.

This is why the official Instagram page of John Lennon shared a post of him and stated how we should be raising the spirit of peace and love just like he did.

Here is what Official Instagram page wrote:

“This October 9th, to celebrate John Lennon’s 80th birthday, join us for an online celebration of John’s life to celebrate our community, creativity and connection. Raising the spirit of peace and love – with great artists, great people and great songs.

Share John’s words and sing his songs on your Social Media feeds using the tags John Lennon and #GIMMESOMETRUTH.

We will be curating all the highlights along with previously unseen and unheard John Lennon music and films on John’s birthday, 9th October at”

On the other hand, main theme of the post was to spread awareness and pay tribute to his kind spirit. Fans actually loved this and they even made jokes about the noticed detail in the picture, a glove Lennon was wearing.

Of course, since the main subject in our world at this point is Covid-19 and how precautions should be taken, a fan pointed out Lennon’s glove and said:

“Wearing gloves to not get COVID. This man was so ahead of his time.”

If you look at the comment section, fans actually loved this joke and the post started everyone’s day with joy and humor thanks to the commenter and John Lennon.

You can see the post below.