The official Instagram account of John Lennon of The Beatles unearthed a really special picture of John with his son, Julian Lennon and shared the story between this photo.

As you might check out the caption below, John Lennon’s verified account stated that this photo was taken 51 years ago today, on 11 December 1968.

In the photo, John Lennon was playing guitar and singing songs to his little son. In addition, Julian Lennon was dancing with his father’s songs.

Here’s the story of the photo:

John & his son Julian @julespicturepalace at the Intertel (V.T.R. Services) Studios, Wycombe Road, Wembley for The Rolling Stones’ Rock And Roll Circus film, #onthisday 11 December 1968.”

A fan named aj.marik commented:

“More accurately: Father and guitar, with son nearby.”

Another fan named quiltysnifterunitshifter wrote:

“Sean is such a wonderful musician. Then there’s Julian.”

You can see the photo of John Lennon right below.