John Lennon’s official Instagram account revealed the unknown interview John did in the past with I Met The Walrus and showed why American people didn’t want him in the United States.

In the interview, John stated that there were two reasons why they hate him in America. He explained the first reason by saying that some of the people thought that violent revolution even though he is not.

The other reason why some of the people didn’t want him is he represents peace itself. John explained this by stating that war is a big business, and some of these people earning lots of money from it.

Interviewer asked:

“John could you please tell us what the situation is with you and your entry into the United States?”

Here is what John Lennon said:

“A lot of people don’t want me in. They think I’m going to cause a violent revolution, which I’m not.

And the others don’t want me in because they don’t want me to cause peace either, because… War is big business, y’know, and they like war because it keeps them fat and happy. And I’m anti-war so they’re trying to keep me out. But I’ll get in because they’ll have to own up in public that they’re against peace.”

Click here for the source and you can listen to the full interview below.