One of the most legendary late stars of all time, The Beatles icon John Lennon‘s official and verified Instagram page unearthed never-before-seen frame of John and his long-time buddy, Elton John.

The official Instagram page also shared the story of that beautiful frame and revealed the memoir of Thanksgiving, 28 November 1974.

As not usual, we can add that John Lennon’s official Instagram page closed the photo to the comments after many months.

Here is the caption of the photo:

“‘Seeing as it’s Thanksgiving, we thought we’d make tonight a bit of a joyous occasion by inviting someone up with us onto the stage.

And ah, I’m sure he will be no stranger to anyone in the audience when I say it’s our great privilege and your great privilege to see and hear Mr. John Lennon!’⠀
— @EltonJohn”

Here is the rare photo below.

You can check out the story by clicking here.