John Lennon’s sister Julia Baird had an exclusive interview with DailyMailTV and revealed an unknown truth about Lennon and McCartney families.

Julia admitted that they always wanted the young musicians to quit the music and do another job to earn their life.

Here is her statement:

“John and Paul were lucky, because if it had gone on much longer without getting a break I don’t know what would have happened.

Mimi (John’s aunt) famously said to John: ”The guitar is all very well John but you will never make a living out of it.

That was the worry for all the families. I was worried about him dropping out of art college. Something inside us insisted that they had to stick with it. They wanted to make it and they were absolutely determined.”

In the end, Baird says that she is happy that they didn’t listen to the families words:

“The Fab Four would have never gone on to make rock history if they had listened to their families’ concerns that they would end up broke and hopeless.”

Below you can watch the whole interview:

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