The widow of The Beatles’ late singer John Lennon, Yoko Ono, has shared a meaningful tweet for illuminating to people via her verified and official Twitter account.

Everybody knows that she likes to share often tweets and photos on her social media accounts. Today, she added another tweet about the brain and its pain and shared how our brain is given the reaction to all these pains.

Here’s the tweet of Yoko Ono:

“Your brain is the thing that is creating your pain. Your body is telling you that you are not thinking and doing things – other than focusing on your pain.”

A user named Sule Welply added this comment:

“My brain can not create anything it is a physical part of my body. My mind can !! Which is given by my creator Lord Jesus Christ .. just saying.”

Another user named Kiki Little Monster said this:

“Yeah, my mental health has been so terrible. My brain keeps putting negative thoughts and as a result of this, it created pain.”

You can see the tweet of Yoko Ono right below.