The Beatles’ late icon John Lennon’s beloved wife Yoko Ono, posted a tweet on her Twitter account and explained why world peace can still not be achieved by revealing the impediment preventing it while encouraging her followers that it eventually will.

The world-famous peace-activist, singer, songwriter, and multimedia artist Yoko Ono is known for her sensitivity towards world issues and her support for causes such as the environment, human rights, aids, autism, hunger, poverty, and many more.

As you may recall, in 1971 John Lennon and Yoko Ono released their song called ‘Happy Xmas (War Is Over)’ which was the product of their 2-year activism. They started their bed-ins as a type of protest in 1969 and the song’s aim was to oppose America’s involvement in the Vietnam War.

Thus, John Lennon and Yoko Ono became the representatives of the slogan ‘War Is Over.’ Even though it has been 40 years since John Lennon passed away, Yoko Ono continues their legacy and fights for world peace.

In her recent tweet, she discussed the reason why world peace is still not achieved and put people who have disruptive motives on the table. Yoko Ono argued that the number of people striving for world peace has increased and it has reached 99%.

She then went on to say that there’s an increasing awareness about world matters and that there is only a 1% which has a lot of power and is preventing world peace. She argued that it is that 1% that is disruptive and has the power to do so.

However, Yoko also added that she strongly believes that the 99% will prevail and they will all finally be able to say ‘War Is Over.’ Yoko Ono’s ambitious and encouraging message inspired thousands of people who thanked her for her unyielding energy to make the world a better place.

Here’s what Yoko Ono said in her tweet:

“I really think that now, 99% of the world is really for world peace. There’s an incredible awareness about wanting peace in the world. And only 1% is being disruptive. So that 1% has a lot of power to disrupt. But I think that in the end, we’re going to survive. #WarIsOver”

You can check out the tweet that Yoko Ono posted on her Twitter below.