Sex Pistols singer John Lydon slammed his bandmates once again during a recent appearance on Good Morning Britain following the court’s decision to decline his request regarding Sex Pistols documentary.

The documentary movies of rock bands and musicians have become more and more popular within the community Since the success of Mötley Crüe’s ‘The Dirt’ and Freddie Mercury’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ some of the bands wanted to release their own documentaries.

Last month, Sex Pistols announced that they are going to release a new documentary about the band, named ‘Pistol,’ which will be 6-episode television series based on Steve Jones’ ‘Lonely Boy: Tales From A Sex Pistol’ book.

However, John Lydon was against this idea because he thinks that this documentary will hurt the Sex Pistols’ reputation and legacy. He even initiated a lawsuit against his bandmates over music rights.

Unfortunately for Lydon, the judge rejected his claims because the licensing request could only be determined on a majority rules basis, which all the band members signed over twenty years ago. Yesterday, John slammed his bandmates once again by saying that they did all the operation behind his back and stated that he saw the documentary announcement from the internet.

Afterward, John talked about his wife Nora Forster’s Alzheimer’s disease and stated that even though all the band members knew her disease, they decided to use their picture in the documentary without asking any permisson.

Back in 2018, John revealed that Nora had been dealing with mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease. Last year in the summer, the frontman mentioned that her condition getting deteriorating.

John Lydon criticized his bandmates in the conversation:

“They kept the whole operation a secret behind my back… and then slung a nasty little email to us on January 4 of this year saying they demanded my permission. The obvious question for me is permission for what? And bam, there it is.

A few days later spread out all over the Internet about what a lovely documentary this is going to be on punk, using pictures of me and my wife Nora. They know she’s ill, this is not nice of them to do that. I didn’t actually deny permission, I merely asked a question.”

Later on, John also talked about Nora’s disease in the conversation and it made him so emotional that he almost dropped tears during the live show. Furthermore, he stated that he will never abandon his wife during these difficult times she had to endure.