Legendary guitarist of Dream Theater, John Petrucci discussed with Steve Morse (Deep Purple guitarist) that what Youtube changed in the music world. He spoke in an interview with Reverb and said:

YouTube… it’s a funny thing. On one side, kids have become so good at guitar at such a young age, because they can see exactly how it’s done. Just go to YouTube and it’s like, ‘Well, if this 8-year-old is doing it, and I’m 7, I should be able to do it too.’

And at the same time, you get this feeling that everything you play is going to be up there. You have to ignore that little critical voice.

You can just get there a lot quicker. For example, when I was younger and I heard ‘Eruption‘ for the first time, when it gets to the part where Eddie is tapping – listening to that, I had no idea, to me it didn’t even sound like a guitar. It took me so long to actually realize it’s doable, how he got the sound.

People can get there a lot quicker, but maybe there’s an ear-training thing that’s not happening, that’s probably the biggest detriment.”

You can watch entire interview from below.