Dream Theater’s guitarist John Petrucci, one of the most respected guitarists in the metal world, attended an interview by “Music Aficionado”. He explains why he chose MESA/Boogie amps. He said:

When I discovered Mesa/Boogie amps, that’s when [things] started crystallizing. Those amps really opened the door for me to how the sounds I was hearing could be a reality.

Before Boogies, when I was just a young teenager, I had a Peavey combo practice amp and a Marshall combo, and I’d go around with things like that. I was happy enough at the time with them – ‘OK, I sound good.’ But there was something else I was hearing. Even then with those amps, I would try to emulate what I heard, to the best of my ability.

I was shaping the little dials on the Peavey to try to sound like Randy Rhoads, or I’d use a Marshall. I got an MXR Distortion Plus and I played with that – ‘OK, I’m getting close to that sound…”

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