Dream Theater’s legendary guitarist John Petrucci spoke in an interview by Rick Beato and gave some information about his monitor mixing in live shows. The interesting thing is that we learned a really amazing detail during this conversation. Here is the explanation:

My headphone mix is unbelievable. It sounds like the CD mix I guess, but the guitar is just slightly higher above. I can hear everything unbelievably clear, it’s really powerful.

And here’s the shocker – I have no vocals in my mix. So, it’s like an instrumental Dream Theater mix with the guitar louder.

And the reason I don’t have vocals is not because I don’t love the way that James [LaBrie] sings, it’s that he is walking around stage with a live microphone.

Wherever he goes it’s gonna pick up the drums, the audience, whatever… When that mic is open, all this additional ambience [gets in the mix]. When you shut that off, it closes up. It’s like studio – that’s the reason I do that, I want this big defined sound.

And it just sounds so heavy and so good. I wish everybody could listen to my mix. I wish I could hand it out to the audience. It’s really a great sound.

You can watch the entire interview from below.