The founding member and guitarist of Dream Theater, John Petrucci has talked about his latest solo project, ‘Terminal Velocity,’ which came out on August 28, and revealed if he plans to tour with his former bandmate Mike Portnoy when the global pandemic ceases.

As you know, Petrucci has released his brand new solo album this year, after his last solo work ‘Suspended Animation‘ in 2005. Ten years after, John Petrucci worked with the previous drummer of Dream Theater and his friend, Mike Portnoy.

He also recorded the album together with the bass guitarist Dave LaRue and his longtime engineer James Meslin. Petrucci has been promoting his album by giving interviews explaining how it was to work with these amazing musicians for a while now.

Recently, he has made a conversation with Metal Wani and opened up about the creative process of ‘Terminal Velocity‘ during the self-quarantine period. John talked about how they have recorded the songs and gave the great news that he would like to tour with Mike and Dave as it becomes possible to get on a stage again.

Here is what John Petrucci said when asked if he considers doing a show with Mike Portnoy and Dave LaRue:

“Yeah, I would play it together; I don’t think that’s going to be the focus once the world gets back to a place where live performances are possible and touring comes back, the focus will be with Dream Theater for me.

But sometime down the road, something’s gonna come up – whether it’s a G3 tour, whether I decide, ‘Hey, I have a little bit of time, I’m gonna do a little solo run‘ or whatever…

Yeah, I would love to play with Mike and Dave live, I think that’d be fantastic.”

You can check out the rest of the interview below.