Dream Theater’s John Petrucci recently shared his Grammy acceptance speech in an Instagram post. In his remarks, the guitarist stated that he is happy that the band didn’t pay attention to what the critics said about them.

The 64th Grammy Awards show took place on April 3, and Dream Theater won the award for the Best Metal Performance with their song ‘The Alien.’ The other nominees were Deftones’ ‘Genesis,’ Gojira’s ‘Amazonia,’ Mastadon’s ‘Pushing The Tides,’ and Rob Zombie’s ‘The Triumph Of King Freak.’

‘The Alien’ is the single from Dream Theater’s fifteenth studio album entitled ‘A View From The Top Of The World,’ released on October 22, 2021. It was the first album recorded in the band’s studio named DTHQ and produced by John Petrucci himself.

In his recent Instagram post, John Petrucci shared the exciting news with Dream Theater fans and thanked them sincerely for their support. Moreover, he also included footage from his acceptance speech in the post.

In his speech, Petrucci stated that critics used to tell them they have songs that are way too long, have weird time signatures, or include too many guitar solos. The guitarist stated that he is glad they didn’t listen to those critics, and now they won a Grammy.

John Petrucci’s Instagram post read:

“This is insane! Our song ‘The Alien’ just won Best Metal Performance at the Grammy Awards. To all the Dream Theater fans around the world, you guys rock, we love you. This award is for you!

In the video he included in the post, Petrucci said:

“Wow, this is absolutely insane. On behalf of the entire band, I’d like to thank the Recording Academy and everybody who voted for us. They used to tell us that our songs are way too long, we used weird time signatures, or there were too many guitar solos. In fact, this song is in 17/8, so try to tap your foot to it. We just won a Grammy, so I’m glad we didn’t listen.

You can watch John Petrucci’s Grammy acceptance speech below.