Dream Theater guitarist and also the co-founding member of the band, John Petrucci, was recently interviewed by the YouTube channel ‘Peter Orullian’ last month and talked about many things from eight-string guitar to Dream Theater’s latest album named ‘Distance Over Time.’

As you may already remember, Distance Over Time was released back in 2019 and it’s the latest ever studio album of Dream Theater. While fans are eager to listen to the fifteenth album of the band which will be released this year, Petrucci admitted that he will use his eight-string guitar on one of the songs in the upcoming album.

While Petrucci also shared his thoughts on Liquid Tension Experiment 3, his solo record Terminal Velocity, the upcoming Dream Theater record, and his new passion for grilling, he also was asked whether he had any game licensing he had with his music.

Here is what he said:

“I think my music would go well with video games for sure, especially modern interpretations. It only happened to me once in the past, some people know that and some people don’t, but I was asked to do music for a Sega Saturn game called ‘Digital Pinball: Necronomicon’.

This company hired me to write two pieces, an intro piece and an outro piece for a game they had, called ‘Necronomicon.’ And I did that, it’s a minute-and-a-half piece, and a two-and-a-half-minute, or something like that.

You can find it, it’s out there, and that was the only time I had a song as part of a video game. There’s so much instrumental music between all the stuff. My solo albums and Liquid Tension, there’s so much stuff that would work. My solo music probably has more of the intense darker side to it that would be fitting to some of these games.”

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