Huey Lewis and the News founding member Johnny Colla talked about being a sax and a guitar player at the same time during his latest interview with The Mitch Lafon and Jeremy White show.

Colla started his professional musical career with his performances as a member of different bands such as The Furlanders, The Yewess Army, and Cottonmouth. However, the success, fame, and popularity came when he formed Huey Lewis and the News in the late-70s.

As a band member, he served as a songwriter, saxophonist, rhythm guitarist, and backing singer, showing that he’s a multitalented artist. Colla’s uniqueness can be seen in Huey Lewis and the News’ works, ‘Huey Lewis and the News,’ ‘Picture This,’ ‘Sports,’ and more.

In addition, the famous musician revealed that he chooses to be a sax player over a guitarist even though, according to his longtime fans, he’s highly successful and talented in both of them. He seems to find himself better in saxophone or enjoys playing it more, as he revealed during a recent interview.

Colla’s statement about being a multi-instrumentalist goes:

“If you’re a band that knows what they’re doing and where they want to go, it’s easy to that song and go, ‘Oh, I know how to make it. This tune doesn’t want horns. This tune wants to be a rocker.’ By the way, I’m more of a sax player than a guitarist.

You can check out the video below.