The founder and iconic frontman of Bon Jovi, Jon Bon Jovi, posted a video on his Twitter account and announced the details of his upcoming project with a mind-bending video.

Jon Bon Jovi is known for his successful career in the rock scene, but it seems like he has some new projects in mind. Keeping up with the current technological advances, Jon Bon Jovi used a highly interesting video to inform his fans and followers about his future project.

As you may know, Bon Jovi’s latest album named2020‘ was released a month ago and it has been a great success. Following that, frontman Jon Bon Jovi announced his new project through his Twitter account.

Jon Bon Jovi revealed that he will be doing a virtual Q&A and tell stories about himself and their band on their official fan website. The video that he posted was mind-bending as he used a magnifying lens to look at the camera and ask whether his fans can see him, and then the camera showed him looking at his laptop with a magnifying lens in his hand.

He said that this new project is reserved for the Gold Members of his fan club website, which lead to a dispute between fans. While some considered it unfair that he was dividing his fans as Silver and Gold members, others argued that he is trying to raise more money to support his crew members because they are out of jobs due to the pandemic.

Nonetheless, his new project proved once again that he is highly committed to his fans and that even though there is a pandemic, he is trying his best to stay connected and interact with his fans and followers.

Here is what Jon Bon Jovi said in his tweet on his Twitter account:

Join me on November 17th at 6PM EST for a JBJ Experience exclusive! Get your Gold Membership and join me for a fireside Q&A, we’ll chat, I’ll tell some stories, and answer your questions face to face.”

You can check out the tweet that Jon Bon Jovi posted on his Twitter account below.