Famous Rock music veteran and American singer-songwriter, Jon Bon Jovi has shared his a new “On This Day” photo on his verified Twitter account.

He has revealed a special album cover of his released album called “Bounce” in 2003, and penned down a simple message with this post.

“Our album, Bounce, was released #onthisday in 2002!”

A fan named Anitram said that:

“I love it so much!!! Congrats!!! Was my fourth BJ Album and I woke up with it one day when we had Maths test only few days before Bon Jovi concert in Vienna in 2003 (my 1st concert ever!)

I dreamed 2 be on the show n overslept while Bounce rec was supposed 2 be my alarm clock.”

Another fan named Julia commented:

“Such an AMAZING album! Every song is great! And Bounce was the first tour/concert I was ever allowed to go to 05/25/2003 Erfurt, Germany Very underated album!!”

You can see the tweet and fans’ reactions below.

You can watch Jon’s latest interview below.