American rock star, Jon Bon Jovi, also known as John Francis Bongiovi’s solo band named Bon Jovi posted a recent tweet on their verified and official Twitter account and announced an important date for the fans.

As you will read the tweet of the legendary band below, Bon Jovi announced that his special t-shirts will be available until December 5th.

Here is what Jon wrote in the tweet:

“Until December 5th + they’re 30% off now through Monday👉”

A user named Leigh Crowther wrote this as a comment:

“I ordered one and shipping was almost as much as the shirt…its not gonna be great bewhen customs tax is added on… But I’ll have a limited edition shirt for the band I idolize so I’m happy lol.”

Another user named Susan Engelbrecht wrote this:

“Oh I’m so happy, ordered mine, woopi, although I litterally have to wait till 2020 to see mine. Will be delivered to a friend in the US because shipping to South Africa just too expensive.”

You can see the tweet below.