The founding member and also the frontman of the New-Jersey-based English band, Jon Bon Jovi, has taken to his official Instagram Stories today and stated that he’s about to make a surprising announcement for his fan community.

As you might already know, the whole music industry is on pause due to the coronavirus. In the United States, there over 8 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus and the number is still rising.

Just because of that, the bands and musicians announcing the postponement news one by one. Today, Jon Bon Jovi posted a recent video and stated that whether he’s not able to make a live show right now, he will share something exciting with the fans real soon.

Here is the thing Jon Bon Jovi said in the video:

“Something big is coming! Keep your eye out on your e-mail for a special message from me.”

And here is what’s written on the caption of the video:

“No shows yet but something big is coming…

Stay tuned!

04 days, 23 hours, 20 minutes.”

You can watch the video right below.