In an interview with Apple Music Essentials, Jon Bon Jovi reminisced the very first years of his career and opened up the money-related problems he had at the time of the debut single of Bon Jovi, ‘Runaway,’ was released.

The iconic rock band Bon Jovi was founded back in 1983, and they released their self-titled album on January 21, 1984. The song titled ‘Runaway‘ was the first single released from the ‘Bon Jovi’ album. Although the single was originally recorded in 1981, its initial release on the radios was around 1983 which led to the formation of Bon Jovi’s first lineup.

Recently, Jon Bon Jovi joined a conversation on Apple Music Essentials and talked about the early years of his and his band’s music career. He also revealed his initial feelings about ‘Runaway,’ and stated that he actually thought the song had a big potential.

As he recalled the time of the recording of ‘Runaway,’ Jon Bon Jovi mentioned that he didn’t exactly have a band at that time since there was no way to pay them. He also stated that there were not enough places to play back then, therefore he had to play when he could with the musicians he could find. However, Bon Jovi added that when he wrote ‘Runaway,’ which turned out to be the first of his many hit songs, everything changed in his and his band’s career.

Here is what Jon Bon Jovi stated about his money-related problems:

“‘Runaway,’ I had an instinct, I felt good about it. I do remember doing it with the guys and being fortunate to assemble that crew, guys that I knew that made records.

That was the band – because I didn’t have a band. Having an original band stay together in 1982, there was no way to pay them, and there weren’t enough places to play.

So you played when you could with the guys that you get, but then I had this opportunity over the weekend to make that song – that one prevailed and there you go, I’d written the first of many hits.”

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