The famous Rock veteran, Jon Bon Jovi has shared a new photo from his latest concert in Curitiba via his official Twitter account, and showed amazing crowded audiences of all time with this photo.

Also he wanted to learn that learned who attended to his concert. And he asked:

“Who was with us in Curitiba last night?? #THINFStour.”

A fan named Pamela said that:

“Sorry @jonbonjovi I couldn’t go yesterday… I LOVE YOU SO MUCH”

Another fan named Marcia commented:

“Jon soon you will be gone and I will not see you here in my country Brazil, unfortunately I have possible and impossible dreams, you are my impossible dream.

I love the Bon Jovi band and their songs will always be part of my soundtrack life.Jon will always be a dream.”

You can see the tweets and the reactions of the fans below.

You can watch the latest interview of Jon below.