Jon Bon Jovi, the founder and frontman of the New Jersey-based band Bon Jovi, has taken Twitter to celebrate the 66th birthday of the drummer, Tico Torres, by calling him the world’s greatest drummer.

As you might know, the iconic musician, Jon Bon Jovi, has been quite busy with giving interviews to several sources about the band’s latest studio album, ‘2020,’ since it’s release on October 2, 2020.

The whole album, comprising of 13 tracks, represents a strong reaction to the current state of the world, dealing with a crisis due to the deadly virus, and political issues.

Jon Bon Jovi wrote the songs, ‘Do What You Can,’ which represents the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and ‘American Reckoning,’ a protest song about George Floyd’s death for this album during the quarantine period.

Amid of his busy routine, making appearances on SiriusXM, CBS News, American Songwriter, and many more to have a conversation about the band’s fifteenth studio album, Jon didn’t forget to celebrate the birthday of his dear friend Hector Samuel Juan ‘Tico’ Torres.

In his most recent tweet, Jon Bon Jovi has called the talented drummer, percussionist, and songwriter of Bon Jovi, his brother, as well as the world’s greatest drummer.

Here’s what Jon Bon Jovi said in his latest tweet:

“Happy birthday to my brother and the world’s greatest drummer.”

You can see the tweet below.